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Episode #3: Julie Parker (CEO and Founder of BYCA)

Julie Parker (CEO and Founder of BYCA)

Episode #3


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Julie is the CEO and Founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, which trains heart-centered and amazing people all over the world to become life coaches. She is super happy to help train people like myself. She is also a modern-day priestess. Julie is devoted to the exploration of women’s spirituality and sacred leadership. She loves that those two things are different but still connected.

Was it hard in the beginning to handle both businesses at the same time? She wouldn’t recommend to everyone to have multiple streams of business. Some people might benefit from just having one. In the beginning, she only had the focus to train life coaches and then it developed into the priestess addition. Her business evolved in this direction because people became more and more interested in the topic. She loves both topics which makes it easy for her to focus on both. It’s also important to know that she has help. She built a team of people who help her with her business and that’s important to remember. You see successful businesses a lot online or on Instagram but you don’t see all the people behind the scenes who run the business.

She struggled in the beginning to ask for help but then she got a virtual assistant. But when she started many years ago it wasn’t that common to have a VA. She doesn’t enjoy doing admin work, she wants to be a teacher, so she hired a VA to help her with that. But years later, when she wasn’t doing 1 on 1 coaching anymore and started coaching courses, she realized that she had to get help. She wasn’t enjoying it as much anymore, because she was too busy, so she sought help from a business coach, which she would recommend to anyone in that position. They both decided that she needed full-time help. It was 6 years ago and she was really nervous about it, but in hindsight, it was the best decision she ever made. Her help took over a lot of time and freed up Julie’s time again so she could focus on the more important things. And that person is still in her team today. It was worth taking the leap on spending the money before she felt ready and she would recommend now that people shouldn’t wait until they feel ready because that might take too long.

As a type-A personality (a little bit of a control freak) like many business owners can be because their business is their baby, she was a bit nervous to hand over some tasks. It was a big deal and part of her was nervous about it. But obviously, 6 years later with her still being part of the team, she was clearly the right person for the job. She ended up paying for herself because Julie had more time to attract more people into her course and focus on them. Those people recommended new people and Julie could make more money because she had the time to focus on the important tasks.

Julie has already been part of the online business world for 18 years. She has been a coach online for that long and a counselor for even longer. At that time, very few people had heard about coaches. Even though she had to explain a lot what she actually did, there was a lot of potential for the right people who were interested in what she did. A lot of those people became coaches themselves or worked on their own personal development.

Julie decided that she wanted to be a coach when she was a counselor for youth and family and she was working at a community health service. She was working with a high school nurse who showed Julie something in the newspaper about a coaching information night. She believed that Julie would make an amazing life coach. They were both interested in the event and decided to go together. Within 5 min of being there, Julie knew that this is what she wanted to do. They explained how a coach can help someone to set goals and move forward and set a legacy for what they want to do with their lives. She was only 26 years old and the cost of the course was very expensive. It was a massive investment for her but she knew that this is the right thing for her to do. So she took the course. Parts of it she loved, parts of it she didn’t but she loved the process of it and how to work with people in that way. She went on to use it from there and loved it ever since. Looking back at it now, it seems amazing how she made the decision to invest in herself at that time.

Julie started her coaching business a long time ago. Today, there is a lot of marketing in the online business world and a lot of pressure to start something and leave their jobs soon. Back then, there was no thought process of just becoming a coach and making this your business. It was a different time back then with fewer expectations that today. Julie has always been an optimist and always believed that some people are for us and some people are not for us. If you tell someone that you are a life coach and they question you or doubt that this can be a real job, move on. You owe them nothing and it’s not worth wasting your breath. It won’t work and you can’t convince them anyway. Just focus on the people who think it’s interesting or ask about it or even might want to get a coach for themselves. You should focus on those people and serve them and everyone else is not worth your time because they will never be your clients or your supporters.

Because of social media today and all these success stories it puts a lot of pressure on people. For those people who believe that they need to have everything figured out and set up within a few months, Julie has the following tips. She suggests to just drop the time frame altogether. There is no such thing as one timeframe for everyone. How quickly you can establish a business is dependent on a lot of different factors like if you already have a social presence, your confidence level, your networking and relationship skills and how committed you are to the topic you want to build a business in. It also depends on the time you can devote to it, whether you have children or other commitments, and whether you work full-time or part-time. Some people marked to coaches and send out a certain period of time it doesn’t take people’s circumstances into account. These things don’t sit right with Julie. Great businesses with longevity take time to build. Don’t be in a rush, do it slowly and carefully.

The coaching business is not about making quick money. It should be about supporting people first. It also takes some time to figure out the niche you want to coach in, which can be the same with anything. It’s important to niche down and do it right. These things take time and we can’t be in a rush to do that. “It takes time to build something wonderful”. Slow is good. We are living in such a fast-paced world and it’s better to take your time and build something that will last for years. Otherwise, you might start quickly and then fail after a few months because the foundation is not there. That’s what I like about Julie’s program. It takes 6 months and you can take your time and learn things properly. There is no rush and there are coaching sessions and a lot of support.

Julie is so passionate about her course. In all the years of being in this industry it became a dream of hers to develop a life coaching course that is more heart-centered than she has ever seen out there. Something that really got into the depth and heart about how they want to feel every day, living by their values and their why. People should know what legacy do they want to leave and what their life purpose really is about. That is the heart of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, to get coaches to have those deep conversations with their clients and help their clients to have the best experience possible.

Julie has now trained over 1500 coaches from all over the world. She is just so passionate about it and so proud of the coaches who are out there doing the most amazing work. She believes that they are the perfect match for people who want to work in such a heart-centered way and this is changing the face of the coaching industry. When Julie started, she was the only woman because coaching started in the corporate world within management and HR and while that’s great for that, it’s not the best way for young women who want to change their lives or start a career. This is the course that helps people become the best coaches that they can be and that way they attract a lot of women. Which is changing the industry for the better.


Favorite book or podcast:

“The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, which is an old and simple book but it is truly beautiful and had a profound impact on her and her mindset and encouraged her to take responsibility for her thoughts and feelings. And to treat herself and others with compassion and kindness and respect and help her to do that even more than before.


Quote you are living by or feel inspired by:

“When I get to the end of my life I want to be able to say to god that I used everything you gave me and I have nothing left.” – Erma Bombeck

She wants to be one of those people who make everything count and she wants to be able to know at the end of her life that she did her best.


Magic wand with a gift to people:

Self-belief. So many people do not believe that they are good enough or worthy or strong enough or capable enough or just enough, that they can do the things they want to do. If that is something that you are struggling with then you are struggling with it for a reason. Just don’t give up and keep going and you will find your path.

I can highly recommend the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. You can find out more about it here:


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